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June 01, 2012 posting ... previous evening As well as my very own clearly show I used to be the in studio visitor in the course of the 1st hour about the Coastline to Coast AM radio demonstrate out of La with host George Noory ... it had been wonderful being Are living with George and producer Tom Danheiser from the studio within the hub of The town of Angels ... we mentioned the forthcoming solar cycle and solar greatest and George And that i reviewed my new way handling the physics of historical celestial disasters .

March 28, 2014 publishing ... my weekly radio clearly show has become posted to the archive sub-site ... be a part of me as i mention ... one) a fresh asteroid was just introduced that has "rings" like the saturn rings ... This offers a terrific chance to re-confirm my perform published in the peer reviewed Area science journal on smaller moons forming rings all over celestial objects ... two) a brand new tiny World was just uncovered considerably outside of pluto even so the obtain also arrived with the realization that the orbits are increasingly being afflicted by a substantial object (more than 10 times the size of earth) "someplace in existence" ... right after my present of last 7 days the place i negated a current NASA "study" expressing there have been no World X different types of objects right here we produce other astronomers confirming that they know absolutely nothing in regards to the areas of Room over and above pluto and Next that all the info factors to a considerable item to choose from of which they know very little (or at least aren't declaring anything at all) .

September 04, 2014 putting up ... my weekly clearly show is posted to the archive sub-web site ... this week i release my new reserve listed down below now readily available for sale ... jim mccanney

Oct eighteen, 2016 putting up ... !!! obama not simply signed a presidential get calling for preparedness to get a solar flare or EMP but additionally now posted on that it is imminent ... when there is not any scientific reason behind stating this now ... the truth is the sun is at an all time low ... earth is encountering a slight increase in solar wind velocity but this isn't what would trigger A significant power outage as I've revealed in my get the job done it's the immediate alter in photo voltaic wind not the toughness in the solar wind that impacts EMPs inside the earth and that's not taking place ... are they about to do a Untrue flag power outage to convey down the USA and cancel the "debate" where hillary's wellness is so lousy she are unable to allow it to be (they have got per propped up for quick interviews and no community appearances) And he or she will get pounded again through the Trump Phenomenon .

September 19, 2014 putting up ... i just noticed an episode of your new series COSMOS within the heritage channel ... BARFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF !!! mention the summary of tier II fairy tale science !!! it took all i could do to listen to the officialdom explanations from the mass extinctions through the entire background on the world .

August 11, 2013 ... is Pattie Brussard true ??? after investigating Here's my Investigation ... what she's saying is pure fabricated BS !!! Firstly if she worked for your places she claimed (credentials may be fabricated or in some instances eliminated) then she is less than rigorous gag orders and contracts To not mention nearly anything and these gag orders will and therefore are enforced ... she does seem like true or not less than NASA is complicit in letting her to seem serious ... in either case she wouldn't have Everything permitted on YOUTUBE or another outlet ... everything can be taken down straight away and she or he would be sequestered and place inside a home wherever no person would at any time hear from her yet again (NASA employees are all underneath rigid gag orders) ... the ploy is to generate her audio credible and that she's exposing NASA (one thing each and every mouse online would love to exploit Specifically the many sky is falling World X nut situation wanna bees that inhabit the online world... so a lot of unsuspecting nut instances to pound her story) ... so you then logically conclude that NASA as well as the misinformation agencies as much as a higher amount are allowing for Pattie Brussard to drive out her goofy message of NASA hiding information about some 2nd sun with seven companions (perhaps they were even hoping I'd personally bite that hook) ... although the plot thickens ... before long the white hats will appear riding in to avoid wasting the day to debunk her BS and everybody can then stage to a different nut circumstance marketing Untrue planet X tales .

Might 30, 2014 posting ... my weekly commercial free of charge radio clearly show is currently posted over the archive sub-website page ... Local climate Adjust ... is often a reality of life ... but how can it improve quickly by pure causes ??? hear my demonstrate this 7 days for an in depth explanation ... jim mccanney

six There'll show up toward the North Not far from Most cancers the bearded star: Susa, Siena, Boeotia, Eretria, The great amongst Rome will die, the night over. November 03, 2012 posting ... !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I used to be useful content just focusing on the orbit of comet C/2012/S1 and a fantastic alignment is inside the brewing If your comet survives the mars passage unaltered (subsequent october) and the photo voltaic face a 12 months from now ... starting about january 8th of 2014 to january 14, 2014 there is a quadruple whammmmmmy of the alignment that requires earth !!!! We now have Venus at inferior conjunction with earth AND The brand new moon passing AND read more none other than Jupiter the massive guy ALL ALIGNED electrically Using the moon popping out from the blocking posture and in what i call "the new moon passing" ... this is receiving actual interesting ... the comet is going to be while in the distinct evening sky and we are going to be wanting specifically at its nose and we could get to view some true fireworks together with seeing just what the ancients saw ... lightning bolts over the heavens with the earth in the middle and we might witness first hand what from the moses party they called the Purple HAND OF Loss of life .

October 09, 2013 ... when Immanuel Velikovsky was still succeeding with community recognition back again inside the 1970s (together with his internationally well known textbooks posted while in The End Of The Fucking World Season 1 the fifties) ... massive attacks had been manufactured in opposition to his do the job but it changed into assaults on his good name ... the direct attack was fronted by Carl Sagan and numerous then outstanding researchers ... but essential to the assault on his excellent title was a band of "trustworthy followers" ... some ended up honest and reserved ... while others ended up loud mouth nut instances ... charlatans and moths (people who hover all over a bright light-weight to illuminate their own individual worthless lives) ... since it seems ... in the "faithful followers"  some rode the Velikovsky wave with continuous clamor and indignation only to arise as their own individual self proclaimed skilled status and included their own personal twists and turns ... Briefly ... quite a few "enthusiasts" became a number of Velokovsky's worst enemies by leaping up and down and screaming ... inevitably gaining the very well deserved identify "lunatic fringe" having Velikovsky down with them ... they truly produced the impression of a bunch of ranting nut cases and created an easy goal for Sagan and also the boys to target ... Velikovsky never ever undertood the hurt they ended up undertaking to his superior identify as he wasn't like that in any way remaining an exceptionally reserved and conscientious researcher ... the teams of misinformation specialists trying to damage Velikovsky finally picked up on this and supported the nut situation "followers" by means of money underneath the table and "cheer major them to carry on" .

January 04, 2015 publishing ... some superior calendar year conclude humor ... when there is another thing the world numerology swooning satanic worshipper european bankers do NOT want the public to learn about is ... prime numbers ... they've got correctly used these all over heritage to approach mystery activities to screw you the public and enact traps that empower them selves ... 911 is just one example ... the march 11 attack over the reactor at Fukushima is yet another ... i did a radio exhibit job interview on this matter ... the prime quantities have already been also utilised to offer Laptop stability in firewalls and transmission of protected knowledge ... In addition they harbor a number of the most difficult unsolved complications in mathematics and physics ... Nevertheless All of this changed when my get the job done Determine Primes was published on march 5th 2007 and even more altered Once i printed the additional function Breaking RSA Codes for Enjoyment and Financial gain specifically seven years later on the working day (a nice prime selection) ... Element of the ruse is definitely the employment of a bunch of mathematicians in universities in a number of nations who get the job done in the sphere of what is called Mathematical Investigation ... just one of many large number of mathematical course topics i taught as my historical past of professor (in the foreign place in a foreign language) ... the situation is ... as i introduced at the conclusion of my December 18th show There's a minimal issue in the world of larger mathematics ... first of all mathematicians still tend not to have an understanding of prime figures and possess put blinders on relating to my release of Compute Primes which provides get and plenty of mathematical Houses on the prime figures ... precisely the same people have virtually blocked my get the job done when pretending These are "trying to find benefits" ... employing tactics which can be based upon unproven "conjectures" ... evidence that individuals in substantial destinations are listening to my program and really worried about my information arrived on Xmas day as WIRED magazine (that disinfo controlled trecky mag for engineers and geeks of all comings) revealed a strange disinformation short article entitled "Mathematicians make A significant find out about prime amount math" ... entrance and Heart would be the entourage of math Evaluation ivory tower "cloistopoly" (a fresh phrase i made up combining "cloistered" and "monopoly" ... I do think you get the image ... insiders guarding their holy grail) ... at the heart of this is the significant error in the publication of the mathematical outcome .

February 28, 2013 submitting ... my weekly radio demonstrate is now posted around the archive sub-web page ... i talk about my reserve releases in the past preparing the public for my new ebook release ... i also focus on various NEW comets inside the solar system all of which happen to be incredibly fascinating with a person with a in close proximity to collision course Along with the planet mars in 2014 .

July 03, 2014 posting ... my weekly radio present is now posted around the archive sub-website page ... i touch upon lots of existing problems additionally i question and explore a parody on Noah and the ancient flood ... from the "present day world" of nowadays ... could We now have a repeat of The nice flood And the way could a Noah variety of particular person pull off creating a large arc without any one getting a clue and it had been as well late as well as rains have been falling .

September thirty, 2012 submitting ... concerning comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) there are many Serious difficulties using this type of comet ... although the news disinfo crew is already hectic establishing the same old comet "stop from the world nut cases leaping up and down on the internet While using the NASA white hats defending the holy grail" BS ... referring to all the other bogus Puppy and pony displays which have occur and gone prior to now ... the most recent currently being with comet Elenin ... the thing is ... this floods the air waves with rubbish ... each side managed by a similar folks ... but the true challenges are that one) this comet will appear near Mars ... Extremely CLOSE ... and There are a selection of scenarios depending upon the mass of the comet which could rival minor mars and will lead to modifications in both comet and mars orbit in addition to some critical weather conditions concerns on mars ... and a couple of) there are a few other really serious electrical alignments like one particular with Mercury around the comet inbound path as well as a triple electrical alignment with Venus and Earth .

JANUARY 16, 2014 ... my weekly radio show is currently posted about the archive sub-page ... listen as i talk about the ultimate challenges relating to comet ISON ... the outcomes of your current inferior conjunction of venus and Solar place activity ... the scam that is certainly The existing telecommunications blocking economical serious mobile and Online provider from the general public and the government FCC complacency in not imposing the legitimate this means of your breakup of the aged ATT and bell running organizations .

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